About Us

Who We Are

EVERY1S CORPORATION is an ecommerce fintech company which basically work in providing goods and services to each and every customer of any kind like home delhivery of goods or services like paying electricity bill or phone recharge and provides financial services like cash deposits or withdrawl of customer at customer's home. our employees provides all sevices at customer's home at his comfert and convince.


Domestic Money Transfer

Domestic Money Transfer

Become a one-stop banking and digital payments centre. Every1s Corporation platform is security certified which means all transactions on the platform are fully secure.

Micro-ATM Services

MATM Services

Choose from a wide range of Mini-ATM Every1s Corporation branded ATMs. Help your customers in withdrawing cash and making merchant payments using their debit/credit cards.

Aadhaar Enabled Payment

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

If you run other businesses from your shop, customers can purchase goods from your shop & make payments by using Aadhaar card and fingerprint.

Recharge Serives

Recharge Serives

Every1s Corporation has enabled more than 3,000 Mobile-Retailers in various states. Recharges involve adding credit or value to prepaid services such as mobile phones, DTH services or digital platforms.

Travel services

Travel services

Make your shop the travel hub of your area. Now customers do not need to stand in long queues at railway station or travel to a travel agency for ticket bookings. You can offer all tickets and hotel...

Utility bill payments

Utility bill payments

Every household needs to pay various bills – electricity, water, gas, credit card and recharge their phones and DTH connections. Traditionally customer have been travelling to ..

Bharat Bill Payment System

BBPS Services

Bharat Bill Payment System is an integrated platform in India that allows users to pay bills for various services such as electricity, water, gas, and more through a single interface.

Pan Card Services

Pan Card Services

Every1s Corporation retailers can help customer with several services that they find difficult to do on their own and need guidance, such as applying for a PAN card or filing income tax and GST returns.



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Account Opening

Account Opening

Effortlessly open your account online. Streamlined, secure, and convenient process. Access benefits swiftly. Join our community today and experience banking made simple and accessible for you.

Challenge we Answer

Our solution addresses the problem of “Severe lack of digital access to financial services for India's underserved last mile population.”

A primary obstacle encountered by the under-served population is their reluctance to embrace digital technology, often stemming from concerns like transaction failures, fraud risks, and language barriers. Furthermore, we acknowledge that linguistic challenges pose a substantial hurdle for numerous clients.

Join trustworthy financial services network.

Our Trusted FinTech Ecosystem

Explore the benefits of becoming part of a reliable and secure

Empower Your Finances

Trusted FinTech network can empower individuals & businesses financially

Seamless Financial Solutions

Demonstrate efficiency of the FinTech network's integrated financial solutions.

Partnering for Financial Success

Emphasize the collaborative aspect and potential for mutual success

Trusted Transactions

Stress the importance of trust in transactions and partnerships

Innovate with Confidence

Dedicated platform for innovative financial solutions with confidence

What Inspires Us

Enhancing Everyday Convenience

Enabled 30 million under-served customers

Sustainable Solutions

22% service outlets managed by women

Customer-Centric Innovation

30% people initiated transactions

Community Resilience & Safety

Inducted 0.5 million people to formal banking channel annually

10,000+ jobs created Economic empowerment